Role Of Swayamsevaks In Indian Freedom Struggle

  1. Mahatma Gandhi’s call for civil Disobedience Movement was responded by Hedgewar to such an extent that he transferred the responsibility of the Sarsanghchalak of the RSS to Dr. Paranjape, and along with prominent leaders of the infant organization, including Appaji Joshi, jumped into the movement. He was arrested in Yeotmal while breaking the “Forest Law” and was sentenced to nine months prison. Can anyone imagine what would have been the reaction of the followers whose leader jumped into the movement and was imprisoned ? In fact Hedgewar did not want to create another political centre by using the banner and platform of the RSS. They were already divisions in the Congress. Besides the Communists, Hindu Mahasabha, Muslim League etc. had differences with the Congress not only on ideological plank but also in tactics, strategy and programmes too. It was on ominous sign for the freedom struggle. The need of the day was to accept the strategy and programmes of the Indian National Congress instead of beating drums separately under different banners what Hedgewar actually did.
  2. Doctor Hedgewar made proper arrangements for Rajguru when he went underground after murder of socrates.
  3. The oath that an RSS Swayamsrvak took while becoming an active member of RSS during those days clearly said "I will strive for the freedom of this Hindu rashtra". "This sentence after freedom is now changed to "for all round development" of Hindu Rashtra. Objective at that time was clear to achieve freedom and after freedom, to work as per India's inherent nature and genius, find new ways and not copy west blindly" notes Pa Pu Rajju Bhaiya the fourth sarsangchalak of RSS.