December 2019

  • Place: Madhavpuram Khand Baudhik Pramukh Home
  • Schedule: 3pm, sunday, 15th December.
  • Baithak duration: 3:45pm to 5:30pm.
  • Upasthit:
  1. MeeraPuram Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  2. KeshavPuram Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  3. MadhavPuram Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  4. Gachibowli Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  5. PragatiPuram Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  6. Mahanagar Baudhik Pramukh
  7. Mahanagar Sah-Karyavah
  • Anupasthit:
  1. MahankaliPuram Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  • Topics conducted:
  1. Sameeksha of previous month on following four points:
    1. Khand Baudhik Toli Created? Khand Baudhik Toli Baithak Happened?
    2. Khand Pravas Yojana Prepared?
    3. Khand Abhyasa Varg (Baudhik Yojana -- Prarthana and geet) conducted?
    4. Soochi of SwayamSevak Nirmaan for Vyaktik Geet and Sangh Prarthana prepared?
  2. Prashikshan of this month charcha.
  3. Prashikshan of Prathmika Shiksha Varga geet.
  • Miscellaneous:
  1. Soochna of Prant Shivir and the 5 apeksha before attending the same shared.
  2. Discussion of what to expect in Khand Baudhik Toli baithak happened.
  3. Each khanda Baudhik Toli will share one new Subhashita, one Amrutvachan and one geet in February baithak.
  4. Followup of who is coming to Prathmika Shiksha Varg happened.