February 2020

  • Place: Mahanagar Baudhik Pramukh home
  • Schedule: 4pm, sunday, 23rd February.
  • Note: Before baithak, baudhik yojana of one month should be prepared in khand baudhik toli baithak.
  • Baithak duration: 4:35pm to 6pm.
  • Upasthit:
  1. MeeraPuram Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  2. MadhavPuram Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  3. KeshavPuram Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  4. PragatiPuram Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  5. Mahanagar Baudhik Pramukh
  • Anupasthit:
  1. Gachibowli Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  2. MahankaliPuram Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  • Topics conducted:
  1. Sameeksha of previous month on following five points:
    1. Khand Baudhik Toli Created -- Khand Baudhik Toli Baithak Happened?
    2. Khand Pravas Yojana Prepared?
    3. Khand Abhyasa Varg (Baudhik Yojana -- Prarthana and geet) conducted?
    4. Soochi of SwayamSevak Nirmaan for Vyaktik Geet prepared?
    5. Khand Baudhik Yojana for April-May prepared?
  2. Prashikshan of February-March month Telugu geet.
  3. Pointers for Baudhik "Contribution of Swayamsevak in Indian Freedom Movement".
  4. Doubt clearing on CAA, NPR, NRC.
  • Note: Vyaktik Geet Prashikshan varg planned tentatively for 8th March.