September 2020

  • Place: Online
  • Schedule: 4:00pm, Sunday, 16th August.
  • Baithak duration: 4:20pm to 5:30pm.
  • Upasthit:
  1. MadhavPuram Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  2. KeshavPuram Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  3. Gachibowli Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  4. MeeraPuram Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  5. Mahanagar Baudhik Pramukh
  • Anya:
  1. Mahanagar Karyavah
  • Anupasthit:
  1. MallikarjunPuram Khand Karyavah
  2. MahankaliPuram Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  3. PragatiPuram Khand Baudhik Pramukh
  • Topics conducted:
  1. Karyakarta Avlokan was done for the first time in our baithak.
  2. Followup on the monthly six pointers.
  3. Discussion on September (Baudhik Vibhag Yojana) on Katha Vishesh. This was concluded on September 27th baithak.
  4. We shared a katha from the life of Meerabai.
  • Miscellaneous:
  1. Guru dakshina karkram was also discussed.