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Baithak Notes 17-Jan-2024

We had prant toli (premier institutions) baithak on 17th. Prant Pracharak Ji was also present in the baithak.

Summary of important points discussed:

  • The work has expanded from last year and conducting prathmika shiksha varga was a good milestone.
  • We need to expand the toli also accordingly and build more karyakarta.
  • The toli will meet weekly once on Wednesday morning.
  • We will have one baithak including palak/pramukh every month.
  • Discussion regarding Faculty mandali and Param Poojniye Sarsanghchalak ji Karyakram on Feb 17th also happened.
  • We need to consider/plan for 3-day varga.
  • We need to consider/plan for 1 day sammelan every six months involving all the karyakarta/swayamsevak from all institutions.
  • Swayamsevaks who have completed prathmika, for them, we should identify and give them dayitva and then we should follow-up for Sangh Shiksha Varga.
  • Once in six months we should consider a baithak where all sangh allied activity pramukhs (like ABVP, ABRSM, ...) also sit together.
  • In an institute we can have dayitva/pramukh for student/faculty/non-teaching staff and also one palak who does not work in the institute, this toli of 4 people for each institute should also sit once a month.
  • We will maintain soochi of all karyakarta/swayamsevak and also maintain categorization of each institution according to our level of work there.
  • Sanskar activity of sakha/milan/mandali should be increased where possible, the sakha toli should also be connected to the Nagar toli.