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Baithak Notes 22-Jun-2024

Participants: Raghu ji, Krishna ji, Jyoti ji, Poornachandra ji.

First time participants: Kuldeep ji, Yogesh ji, Kishore ji.

To be reviewed in this baithak:

  • Is excel sheet update happening?
  • Plan for Lingampalli faculty mandali.
  • Plan for maintaining sankhya/pravas/other details of all running milans.
  • Prarambhik Varg discussion.
  • Pravas yojana.
  • Palak vyavastha.

Baithak notes

  • Prarambhik with IT Milans in September.
  • Prathmika in December.
  • HCU guru puja on August 11.
  • July 26th and August 14th as outreach program, focus on category C and D institutes.
  • Sanchalan in Vijayadashmi with nagar, the 35 who completed prathmika in 2023 should be followed up.
  • Faculty mandali... "should" run.
  • There should be a mechanism to keep track of the health/sankhya of running milan; otherwise we are struggling to decide category of institutes.
  • Club activity, yojana should be planned ahead and shared.
  • Find palak for each institute.
  • Next baithak on September 22.