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Weekly Baithak Notes 28-Feb-2024

To be reviewed in this baithak:

  • Is excel sheet update happening?
  • Plan for March Lingampalli faculty mandali.
  • Plan for maintaining sankhya/pravas/other details of all running milans.
  • IIIT Milan/club status.
  • Group for Vividh Sangathan for/in Premier Institutions.

Baithak notes

  • 17th March - Lingampally Faculty Mandali, finalize topic next week.
  • Maintain tracker/excel for Institution saptahic.
  • Maintain separate tracker/excel for club activity.
  • HCU sevika samiti sampark baithak dates to be decided.
  • IIIT saptahic needs attention.
  • Create Whatsapp group based on Premier Institute Samanvay baithak.