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Weekly Baithak Notes 31-Jan-2024

Review of todo from last baithak:

  • Is excel sheet update happening?
  • Followup of items from the last baithak.

To be completed in this baithak:

  • Preparation of Pravas yojana for Wednesday to Wednesday based on Activity matrix.
  • Preparation of Soochi of Faculty mandali for Sarsanghchalak ji program.
  • Preparation of Pravas yojana of Sangh Adhikari for 17-20 February.

Baithak notes

  • Update NIT Warangal dayitva as done in the milan.
  • Followup students as prabandhak on 16th and 17th (for the 17th program).
  • IPE saptahik may start in few weeks (identify pramukh).
  • Share Baudhik Yojana as PDF also, along with the link.
  • Share Geet audio link also.
  • List of faculty for 17th program prepared.
  • Followup Tarnaka cluster faculty saptahik.
  • Update Lingampally Faculty mandali soochna group with recent participants.