Hosted Web Applications

Public web applications:

  1. Textpattern 4.8.3 [Latest as on September 18, 2020, manual tweak: txpMail function in txplib_misc.php]
  2. PmWiki-2.2.132 [Latest as on October 13, 2020, manual tweak: no]
  3. Bludit v3.13.1 [Latest as on October 19, 2020, 2020, manual tweak: no]
  4. Dotclear 2.17.2 [Latest as on Aug 24, 2020, manual tweak in clearbricks/common/lib.http.php]
  5. Dokuwiki 2018-04-22b "Greebo" [Latest as on July 07, 2020, manual tweak: inc/confutils.php inc/init.php inc/template.php inc/fetch.functions.php] [Waiting for plugins to catchup with Hogfather release]


I maintain Textpattern, PmWiki, Bludit, Dotclear and Luxcal via Softaculous. I maintain my customized skin on PmWiki derived from pmwiki-responsive, a customized skin for omega and a customized skin on Bludit derived from massively-2.1. The ductile skin on dotclear is also highly customized.

On dokuwiki I have disabled the real-time indexer for non logged-in users. It runs only for logged in users. This makes the user experience of non logged-in users slightly better. There is also a scheduled cron job that runs once in a day that updates the index. I have also tweaked tpl/dokuwiki files for my usage.

Private use web applications:

  1. Kanboard 1.2.16 [Latest as on October 19, 2020, manual tweak: no]
  2. LuxCal 479M [Latest as on October 19, 2020, manual tweak: header.php messaging.php css/*.css]

Service stopped:

  1. minimalist-web-notepad [Latest as on Oct 24, 2019, manual tweak: index.php]
  2. TAO 3.3.0-RC02 [Latest as on July 07, 2020, manual tweak: no]

Almost a fork:

  1. Podcast Generator 2.7 [Staying on this version as on May 04, 2020 due to heavy customization]

Self maintained static services:

  1. Hindispell 3.7 [Latest as on May 04, 2020, manual tweak: yes]
  2. aps2unicode
  3. Sanscript
  4. Omega Xapian 1.4.15 [Latest as on May 04, 2020, manual tweak: no]