Hosted Web Applications

Public web applications:

  1. Textpattern 4.8.8 [Latest as on February 01, 2022, manual tweak: added SMTP support in txpMail function in txplib_misc.php]
  2. PmWiki-2.3.3 [Latest as on March 30, 2022, manual tweak: Added smtp support in notify.php]
  3. Bludit v3.13.1 [Latest as on June 10, 2021, manual tweak: no]
  4. Dotclear 2.21.3 [Latest as on March 30, 2022, manual tweak in clearbricks/common/lib.http.php]
  5. Dokuwiki 2020-07-29 “Hogfather” [Latest as on June 10, 2021, manual tweak: inc/confutils.php inc/init.php inc/template.php inc/fetch.functions.php jquery/versions]
  6. TCExam 14.8.5 [Latest as on August 06, 2021, manual tweak: tce_page_userbar.php, shared/config/tce_email_config.php]
  7. withknown Version: 1.2.2+2020061101 [Latest as on April 26, 2022, manual tweak: Migration.php]


I maintain all the above six, Textpattern, PmWiki, Bludit, Dotclear, Dokuwiki and TCExam via Softaculous. I maintain my customized skin on PmWiki derived from pmwiki-responsive, a customized skin for omega and a customized skin on Bludit derived from massively-2.1. The ductile skin on dotclear is also highly customized.

On dokuwiki I have disabled the real-time indexer for non logged-in users. It runs only for logged in users. This makes the user experience of non logged-in users slightly better. There is also a scheduled cron job that runs once in a day that updates the index. I have also tweaked tpl/dokuwiki files for my usage.

For quiz I run a javascript edge worker on cloudflare that rewrites the meta element when it has a name attribute equal to description. I also fixed PHPSESSID SameSite from htaccess.

For CLS issue on dokuwiki I have changed the calling of makeToggle in page.js, and script.js along with changing the css in main.php, also disabled jquery effects of slideUp and slideDown in behaviour.js. And for jquery delivery I have hacked getCdnUrls in confutils.php

In Dotclear, in public static function cache() I have removed Pragma from the headers.

Service stopped:

  1. minimalist-web-notepad [Latest as on Oct 24, 2019, manual tweak: index.php]
  2. TAO 3.3.0-RC02 [Latest as on July 07, 2020, manual tweak: no]
  4. Kanboard 1.2.20 [Latest as on June 10, 2021, manual tweak: no] [Moved to Quire]
  5. LuxCal 5.1.0M [Latest as on June 10, 2021, manual tweak: header.php messaging.php css/*.css] [Moved to ProtonCalendar]

Almost a fork:

  1. Podcast Generator 2.7 [Staying on this version as on November 03, 2020 due to heavy customization]

Self maintained static services on Cloudflare pages:

  1. Hindispell 3.7 [Latest as on May 04, 2020, manual tweak: yes]
  2. aps2unicode
  3. Sanscript

Self maintained static services using cgi:

  1. Omega Xapian 1.4.15 [Latest as on May 04, 2020, manual tweak: no]